Rain, rain

In case you ever wanted a taste of what it's like to work in baseball, here you are:  Our reaction to rain season-round is the same as your reaction to rain in the playoffs.  Rain is a Grinch.  It steals the joy of baseball from us.

The MLB postseason is not the NBA postseason.  There are games virtually every day, with the excusable idle 24 hours for travel, causing a rush of emotions all the way up until the World Series.

There's no time to celebrate a fantastic win -- the Nats and Athletics saw the jubilation of a walk-off win turn into elimination a day later; the Orioles and Yankees traded classic, gut-wrenching triumphs, dispelling any thoughts of momentum.

I can clearly remember two rain-hampered events in relatively recent baseball history:

* The 2008 World Series between Tampa Bay and Philadelphia, with the decisive Game 5 begun on October 27th and concluded on October 29th, sapping the Fall Classic of its dramatic momentum

* The one that frustrated me most as a kid, the 1990 Major League All-Star Game, which never gained a rhythm after a 17-minute rain delay held up the first pitch and a further 68-minute delay interrupted the seventh inning.  I was eight years old, watching from my grandparents' house on Long Island, and I remember being highly upset when the network airing the game, CBS, chose to run "Rescue 911" during the latter rain delay.  I'm not sure I ever realized that the game was being resumed.

I bring all of this up because the Tigers and Yankees were rained out last night.  It's not looking all that great in Detroit today, either, but I'm hoping against hope.

People complain about Christmas-creep, stretching in closer and closer, overtaking Thanksgiving...

This is definitely Grinch-like.


rdale said…
No problem with today's game. It won't be warm but will get in. The frustration last night was that no raindrops fell until 10:30pm. Plenty of ball could have been played...

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