Well, that was quick

And just like that, the baseball season is now over.

I am sour on two fronts:  I am a Tigers fan, so that was not the result I was hoping for; I am also a baseball fan, and so I dislike the day after the season ends more than any other day on the calendar.  It's a miserable day.

Things are, I'm sure you know, miserable in a different way, too -- I am watching with concern as Hurricane Sandy (the "Frankenstorm") is tormenting the East Coast.  We in Michigan are safe, but I have many friends and family in the storm's path.  They are prepared for power outages, high winds, torrents of rain, and, further north, blizzards.

It is all enough to make a person forget about an insignificant World Series result.


Not enough, however, to forget this:  Congratulations to the 2012 World Series champion San Francisco Giants, a worthy title-holder.  The Giants' pitching was top-notch, their defense was remarkable, and their offense came through when they needed it.  This was a team effort of supremely championship quality.


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