Chamonix 1924

Just for the heck of it, details from the first Winter Olympics, 1924 in Chamonix, France:

*  The gold medal!

*  France, the host nation, had 43 competing athletes.  Norway, meanwhile, sent 14 Olympians; Finland entered 17 Olympians.  This is important because...

*  Norway led all nations with 17 medals, four gold, while Finland amassed 11 medals, four gold.  All the other nations combined for 21 medals, of which France boasted just three -- solely bronze.

*  The United States collected one bronze medal, two silver medals, and one gold medal... but it was the first gold medal of the game, awarded on Day 2 to speed skater Charles Jewtrau.

*  Team Canada's hockey team, the Toronto Granites, was overwhelmingly great compared to its competition, far far beyond 1992 Dream Team great.  Their combined path to the gold medal saw them outscore the opposition 110-3.  (30-0 vs. Czechoslovakia, 22-0 vs. Sweden, 19-2 vs. Great Britain, 33-0 vs. Switzerland, and a mere 6-1 vs. the United States to grab the gold.)  From
"The Canadian goalie was Jack Cameron and he had so little to do that he had difficulty maintaining his interest in the game.  The legend survives that he often skated to the boards to chat up any attractive ladies he could find in the audience."
For more on Cameron, enjoy:  "Female admirers, 110 goals and crossing paths with a Vezina."


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