Thoughts on the Super Bowl

This was the NFC's best team against the AFC's best team.

The AFC's best team had its doors blown off.

The Seattle Seahawks were not only better than Denver offensively, defensively, and in special teams, they were overwhelmingly better.

The greatest offense in the NFL had trouble with the stadium sound, the offensive line had trouble against the pass rush, and Peyton Manning was reduced to throwing three-yard passes all day.  I mean, my gosh, another snap, another three-yard crossing pattern over the middle.  (Then again, if he tried to do anything else, he had a Seahawk in his face.)  I am not convinced that a rematch between the two teams one week from today leads to any different of a conclusion.

It was not a classic championship game, but it did leave us with a deserving champion:  the first NFL championship in the history of Seattle... and the city's first championship in any major sport since the since-departed Seattle SuperSonics topped the NBA in 1979.

Party in the Pacific Northwest tonight!


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