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Every week, I write a baseball column for Ballpark Digest.  Check out my column this week:  "Sign of Spring."
The reason for the change of scenery, from this blog to the other:
I've been running the Lansing Lugnuts' blog out of my own blogger site, but it simply didn't make sense to go through an independent avenue when has its own network set up for the specific purpose of hosting MiLB and MLB personalized content.
Also, every year, the MLBlogs network lists its Top 100 most-clicked blogs in several categories -- Fan, for example, or Pro.  I want the Lugnuts, quite frankly, to be on that list.
How are we going to get there?
  1. Delivering fresh, consistent, smart material -- interviews with Lugnuts players, game notes, anecdotes, and other items that only Trey Wilson and I can produce.
  2. Working hand in hand with our friends from Bluebird BanterJays ProspectsBlue Jays from AwayOK Blue JaysJays Journal, and more.
  3. Your suggestions and recommendations.
A word about the independent Blue Jays websites:  There are many people dedicated to writing opinions about Toronto Blue Jays minor leaguers.  I appreciate that they do, but we work to different purposes.
A breakdown of the average Lugnuts roster:
* Tier 1:  1-3 highly touted prospects, who receive tons of attention
 Tier 2:  4-7 under the radar prospects, who receive a hint of attention
* Tier 3:  everybody else
Some prospect sites care about the top 1-3 talents.  Other sites care about the first and second tiers, numbering about 5-10 talents.  They're looking for future stars.
I deal with every player in the clubhouse, 1-25+.  Favoritism can't enter into it.  Everyone in that clubhouse, as long as they suit up as a part of the Blue Jays' organization, has a shot at making the Majors.
Because of this, I'm not going to be dismissive about any of our players.  Emilio Guerrero had difficulties with grounders at the start of last year.  Then he worked on it and improved greatly.  (Other players, unfortunately, might regress as the year goes along.)  Daniel Norris started the season pitching poorly and this column was written.  He ended the season pitching well, but by that time the talking point ("Is he a bust?") had already been established.
So I will definitely link to interesting player features -- hey, look, Daniel Klein! -- but it's important to understand that the Lugnuts and this blog are a separate entity from our Blue Jays blogging brethren.
We're a friendly partnership, and I very much appreciate their support.
-  From Baseball America, the Phillies have jeopardized the senior season of Oregon State's top southpaw.  (Deadspin's coverage gets right to the point.)
- From CBS's Eye on Baseball, introducing... the Cincinnati Porkopolitans!
Coming soon... a profile of new Lugnuts #2 broadcaster Trey Wilson!
What's his real first name?
Where's he from?
How tall is he?
All will be revealed in time.


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