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The Blue Jays were off yesterday, resuming spring play today.

In this video, Andrew Marchand of ESPN 1050 predicts Toronto will have the worst record in the Majors.  We'll see.  Seems to me that the Nationals, Pirates, Orioles, and Royals all look to be better (worse?) candidates than the Jays, and there's always that one unexpected team that falls flat on its face.  The Rangers, maybe?  The Dodgers?

A quick list of Lugnuts who've played for the Blue Jays this spring training:  Marc Rzepczynski, Casey Janssen, Rei Gonzalez, Danny Farquhar, Moises Sierra, David Cooper, Brian Dopirak, Matt Liuzza, John Tolisano, Travis Snider... and, hey! There's 2009 shortstop Ryan Goins!

This is belated, but here's an ESPN interview with new Toronto General Manager Alex Anthopoulos.  Many more "Meet Alex" links to come, from the looks of things.  He's good-humored, he's knowledgeable, he's a newlywed, and everyone wants an interview with him.

Scott Miller of CBS Sportsline takes a tour of Dunedin and notes "Five Things to Know" about the Blue Jays.  There's no mention of Travis Snider or Adam Lind anywhere to be seen, interestingly.  It's all about Vernon Wells, starting pitching, and the affable Alex Anthopoulos.

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