Signs of the Season

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, tonight is the first Passover seder, and a week from next Wednesday is the fourth annual Crosstown Showdown...

It's still a little cold around these parts, but no worries!  Baseball season is a comin' to Lansing, Michigan.

Outside currently they're getting the new stadium signage installed.  It's a heavy-duty process, you can well imagine.  Good-bye, Oldsmobile Park.  Hello, Cooley Law School Stadium.

On the field, Matt Anderson is pounding the bases into place and preparing the outfield.  In the offices, the season tickets are getting passed out, single game tickets are being sold, and the marketing department is preparing a huge push for Opening Day's Eat-a-Palooza.

Oh, and Big Lug's getting ready, too, for his own reasons.

On the baseball side:  I'm way late on getting around to reading Jays Journal, but I agree with Mat Germain that Sal Fasano will be terrific for Toronto's prospects catchers.  (I enjoy Mat's spotlight on Welinton Ramirez, too, one of my favorite Lugnuts to watch last season.)


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