Two Weeks Away

Are you ready?

Two weeks from today, it'll be the fourth annual Crosstown Showdown between the Lugnuts and the Michigan State Spartans, presented by Auto-Owners Insurance.  Remember last year?  It was packed in the stands -- a stadium record crowd of 12,992 -- and ugly on the field -- four Lansing errors -- as the Spartans routed the Nuts 12-2 for their first Crosstown victory.  Pretty well set the tone for Lugnuts' season, too.  Lansing finished the year with a 54-84 record, worst in franchise history.  Everyone around the ballpark and the Blue Jays expects this season to be much more fun, thankfully.

Trivia question:  What has never been hit in a Crosstown Showdown, either by a Spartan or by a Lugnut?  The answer is hidden in the first letter of each sentence in the above paragraph.


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