Your Morning Update

To update you on where we are:

In Dunedin, Florida, the 2010 Lugnuts are waking up early, stretching, working hard, and feeling the anticipation rise as they get closer to Opening Day.

In Lansing, Michigan, the 2010 magazine and media guide have gone to press, the tickets have been printed, the pocket schedules have arrived, and the box office opens on Saturday.  Oh, yes, the anticipation is rising here as well.

The Blue Jays lost to the Rays 5-3 yesterday.  Note the presence in the box score of Mike McDade (2008-2009 Lugnuts ) and 2009 Lugnuts Tyler Pastornicky and Kenny Wilson on the Toronto side.

2005 Lugnut Casey Janssen also pitched in relief for the Jays, working a perfect fifth inning.  He's feeling good, too.

New Mariners farmhand Johermyn Chavez (2008-2009) has also had an at-bat this spring; he struck out.  Better days are ahead for Johermyn.

Your NHL game of the week, and possibly of the month.
Your NBA game of the week, and possibly of the month.


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