Cracking Mini-Bats and Schooling Prospects

John Lott of Toronto's National Post was in town over the weekend to see the Lugnuts up close.  Here's his first article, a spotlight piece on Sal Fasano.

Great game last night!... that I didn't see.

It was my annual game re-creation broadcast, a tribute to the way baseball broadcasting used to be done.  Of course, back in those days they didn't use computers to help pass along the information -- and they weren't stymied by internet frustrations (which we had all night long), but hey!  Another year, another game re-creation!

To take you behind the curtain:  I cracked mini-bats together to simulate the crack of the bat, and I slapped a ball into a glove to simulate a pitch hitting the catcher's mitt.  Every year, hopefully, I should be able to get this game re-creation more and more authentic.

It was also a successful and satisfying 10-5 victory for the Lugs, featuring a balanced offense and fine pitching (not including the 1st, 2nd, and 9th innings).

Meanwhile, West Michigan finally lost a game.  12-game winning streak - over!  There's a tie for the playoff race again.  Things look promising for the rest of this series - they're taking on Fort Wayne, and the Lugnuts get two more contests with South Bend.

But then the Nuts have to go to Fort Wayne for four games, and... there's a long way still to go.


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