Good Heavens

Are the Lugnuts laughing after that 5-0 defeat?

No, probably not.

I'm in a good mood, though.

There was no Lugnuts offense whatsoever, there was embarrassing umpiring, and there was an awesome tape-measure home run by Fort Wayne's Jason Hagerty.  What can you do after a game like that except laugh, shrug your shoulders, and head to bed?

This wasn't a heartbreaker.  This was a thrashing.  Tip your cap to the TinCaps and come back tomorrow.

Fort Wayne is now 8-4 against the Lugnuts this year, winning seven of the last nine meetings.  Are they a good team?  Hey, they're not bad.  Probably as good as Kane County.  They just own the Lugnuts right now, pure and simple.  Jason Hagerty looks like a superstar.  Nate Freiman is roping line drives all over the place.

Hey, nine more games to go against the Padres farmhands.  We'll see if anything changes.


Gerry said…
Great feedback Jesse, keep them coming
Anonymous said…
Maybe it was the humidity. Terrible game. What I don't get is how a team gets to face, what, five or six different pitchers and isn't able to touch up ANY of them???

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