Lightning Rods

Brief opinions on divisive/controversial topics:
  • Baseball needs instant replay.  Good riddance to "human error."
  • Pete Rose should be elected to the Hall of Fame.
  • So should Shoeless Joe Jackson.
  • Induct Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens into the Hall of Fame together -- but induct Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker together first.
  • Get rid of the Designated Hitter.
  • Baseball games are only slow to members of the media and umpires... but a game should never start past 7:05 p.m.
  • Michael Lewis' Moneyball is completely overrated.
  • I'm anti-BCS, as any reasonable person should be.
  • ESPN covers Brett Favre, LeBron James, Duke, Yankees/Red Sox, Dallas Cowboys, and Notre Dame football waaaay too much.  (Wait, that's not a controversial opinion at all.)


Anonymous said…
Jesse, I wish there was a shred of hope that the DH will someday be abolished, but it ain't gonna happen. Long live the National League!!!

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