A Much-Needed Day Off

Yesterday was the final day off of the regular season -- and, thankfully, it was at home.

This is an intriguing Lugnuts team right now.  The lineup is a mix of solid experienced hitters with Ochinko, Glenn, McElroy, and Ahrens, who are going to have mostly solid days; young high-ceiling guys like Marisnick, Crouse, and Hobson, who are going to have some great days and some poor days; and enigmas like Fuenmayor, Jackson, and Eiland, who I have no idea if they're going to be productive or not on a day-to-day basis.

With the starting rotation:  I really enjoy watching Hutchison pitch, I'm interested to see whether Sever can keep up his recent effectiveness (despite not striking anybody out), I'm wary of Shopshire and Field's yo-yo behavior, and I believe Smith really should be pretty good as the year goes on.

The bullpen, frankly, doesn't have a closer.  It's not Steve Turnbull, or at least not at the moment.  It's not Casey Beck, especially not against Fort Wayne.  It's not Brian Slover, who is consistently throwing two schizophrenic innings every outing -- one of those innings is excellent, and one of those innings is the opposite.  Maybe it's Aaron Loup, who's looking terrific recently, or maybe Danny Barnes will step in.

But, no, this isn't a good bullpen right now.  Not compared to the better teams in the division.

And yet... this still might be a playoff team...


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