HUGE game last night, complete with early offense, a dramatic home run, controversial umpiring, a last-ditch rally, and a near-riot with the Whitecaps surrounding and shouting at the umpires while the Lugnuts celebrated their 7-6 triumph.

Yeah, man.  I loved it.

Today's game looks like a mismatch, pitting Lugnuts right-hander Casey Lawrence in his 2nd MWL start against Whitecaps ace Jared Wesson.  Casey needs to get off to a good start against a Caps lineup that was held mostly at bay yesterday and still managed to score six runs on nine hits.

It's Pink Floyd Night in West Michigan, complete with Pink Floyd jerseys for the Whitecaps and a huge group of Lugnuts front office staffers attending.  I loved the idea of yesterday's Ronald McDonald House game... but let's just say that the jerseys weren't to anyone's liking.

Something I'm worried about:  Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year, is on the first day of the playoffs this year.  If the Lugnuts make it in, I won't be your broadcaster for the first two games of the postseason.

But let's cross that bridge when we come to it.


Anonymous said…
Shana Tova Jesse!

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