Controversy in Indianapolis

Game of the weekend?  It wasn't the Steelers/Packers.

It was Xavier vs. Butler in men's college basketball.

In case you missed it, and I somehow suspect you did (as I did), Butler's Gordon Hayward tossed in a layup with 1.2 seconds left to give the host Bulldogs a 69-68 lead.

One last chance for Xavier, right?


The officials went to the monitors and determined via stopwatch that the clock had paused for 1.3 seconds during Butler's crazy last possession.  They wiped out that time from the clock -- and the game was over.  Drive home safely, everybody!

From the game story, here was Xavier's reaction to this unexpected turn of events:

"[Xavier coach Chris] Mack waved his hand in disgust after hearing the decision and was escorted off the floor.  Dejected Xavier players were quickly directed to their locker room by Butler athletic director Barry Collier, the former Bulldogs coach, and in the stands, minor fights broke out.  Butler officials said no arrests were made.  Outside the Xavier locker room, a water fountain was torn off the wall...."

For your viewing pleasure, here are the final six minutes of the game.  The clock does some curious things, let me assure you.  Thank goodness I'm not a fan of the Musketeers or I might be pretty upset right about now.

Then again, as an ACC fan, I'm used to this sort of thing happening all the time against the Duke Blue Devils.


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