Keith Ballard Feels Awful Today... and Tomas Vokoun Feels Worse

The front page story from yesterday's sporting events is pretty clearly what the still-undefeated New Orleans Saints did to the New England Patriots.  It was a rout, it was impressive, Drew Brees is awesome, the Saints defense was excellent... it's deserving of the attention it's getting.

The Page 2 story is very likely the news that Florida State head football coach Bobby Bowden is retiring after a superb 34-year, 388-victory career.  That's also deserving of attention, a lot of attention.  Probably more than the NFL game, I'd say.

But imagine a situation where a hockey player swinging his stick and slashing another player across the head.  Imagine the second player as a goaltender.  Now imagine that those two players are teammates and that the situation was a complete accident, with the slashing player only swinging his stick in the frustration of his team allowing a goal.

It happened last night to Keith Ballard and goalie Tomas Vokoun of the Florida Panthers.  Vokoun was taken immediately to the hospital.

That, to me, was the attention-grabbing story of last night.  Oy.

Oh yes, and Marion Jones is interested in joining the WNBA.  Good luck to her.


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