A Moment of Silence for George Michael

If you grew up as a sports fan in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area over the last few decades, you knew George Michael on NBC-4.  His popularity was further spread by the George Michael Sports Machine, a weekly nationally syndicated precursor to ESPN's Sportscenter that began in 1984 and ran all the way to 2007.  George was king of sports media in DC -- and was most definitely referred to as King George along the way.

With me, I fondly remember Tuesday Replays, Wednesday Wrestling, Redskins Report, and Full Court Press.  Really though, what I remember most is sitting in my parents bedroom with my brother and father and calling up the George Michael Sports Machine telephone hotline over and over in order to hear the latest updated scores from around the country.

Here is his obituary as well as thoughts from Scott Van Pelt (on Sports by Brooks) and memorial pieces from Michael WilbonMarc FisherLen Shapiro, Mike Wise, Dick Heller, and Mike Freeman, and a chat with Tom Boswell.


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