Making Noise in the Northwest

Who is this man?

He's The Man.

He's Jack Zduriencik, Seattle Mariners General Manager, and it certainly looks like he's making all the right moves to put the M's back into the playoffs.

Here's what he's done:

  • traded for a bona fide ace in Cliff Lee
  • signed All-Star jack of all trades Chone Figgins for much less than people were expecting
  • kept the Mariners' top three prospects in Michael Saunders, Carlos Triunfel, and Greg Halman, as well as young gun Brandon Morrow
This comes on the heels of last year's acquisition of Franklin Gutierrez and David Aardsma, and the signing Jarrod Washburn, putting an excellent defense behind him, and swapping Washburn into a pair of Tigers prospects.

You know what's happening in the AL West?  The Athletics are limited by their finances.  The Angels are crumbling and aging.  The Rangers are poorly managed and put-together.

And the Mariners are flying high.

For years they tried to be the bashing, slugging team that their home ballpark detests.  Safeco Field is a pitcher's haven, highly unkind to the uppercut swings of Richie Sexson, Adrian Beltre, and others.

Now Seattle has a team of pitching, defense, and speed, led by a pair of outstanding starters in Lee and Felix Hernandez, a rapidly-solidifying bullpen, an excellent defense, and a top of the lineup that features Figgins and future Hall of Famer Ichiro Suzuki.

Join me on the bandwagon.

The man's name is pronounced 'Zur-EN-sik.'


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