Publicity and Pugilism

Wouldn't it be nice if a boxing match could be held without any elements of ridiculousness preceding it?

It can't happen, of course.  Boxing's demise is inexorable and so anytime there's any hint of a "big" boxing match, the promoters go into publicity-seeking overdrive in order to squeeze one last huge purse out of the general sporting public's interest.

Hence, the Manny Pacquiao/blood test controversy that is "threatening" to KO the big Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather match.  A direct quote from Ron Lewis's story:  "Yesterday, Bob Arum, Pacquiao's promoter, said the bout was 'dead.' "

The bout is not dead.  This is about publicity, easy as that.  Whatever Arum can do to drum up interest, he will.

Pacquiao actually tried to deliver the first salvo of publicity a few days earlier with a demand for a monetary penalty to be levied if either boxer doesn't make weight.  When everyone just sort of shrugged at this, the blood-testing controversy began.

We still have three more months before the scheduled bout.  Prepare for more idiocy from both camps.


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