Time for a Legend to Bow Out

Roy Jones, Jr. lost in Sydney yesterday.  The fight lasted only one round.

Jones is now 40 years old.  He's now 54-6 all-time.  The loss yesterday came against Australian Danny Green (28-3) over the IBO world cruiserweight title.

Check out this quote from Green:

"I almost feel bad doing that, that almost hurt me to do that to someone whom I aspire to look up to as a professional fighter inside and outside the ring. He's a bloody legend."

When have you ever heard a pugilist apologize for a TKO victory?

It's unlikely that this was Roy's last fight.  Superstars have rarely known when to call it a career, boxing superstars especially.  At the pinnacle of his career, over several decades, Roy Jones, Jr. was a superstar.

It's time for Roy to call it a career.  Right now.

Can he still fight?  Sure.  Can he still win?  Depends on the foe.  Is the purse still there?  Not as much as there was before.

I just think it's time he stopped inviting people to punch him in the face and body for the benefit of competition and entertainment.  He might run up against someone less classy than Danny Green.


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