Championship Bound

The Lugnuts will be on the road on Saturday, April 5th, but you should still be at Cooley Law School Stadium -- for Beerfest at the Ballpark!  Get your tickets now.
The Pewamo-Westphalia Pirates defeated Muskegon Heights yesterday afternoon, 54-44, and are now heading to the MHSAA Class C state championship game. (Click here to listen to the game.)  It all had the Freep's Mick McCabe thinking Hoosiers... because, heck, why not?  In the final, P-W gets Detroit Consortium College Preparatory School, starring AP Class C Player of the Year Josh Jackson.
Jackson's an interesting sort of player.  He's 6'8, he's a sophomore, and he's so clearly the most talented player on the court that it becomes immediately apparent whenever he chooses not to do anything and let his (also skilled) teammates take over.
Watching him yesterday, he looked like Shakespeare in a 7th grade English class:  bored, occasionally annoyed, with flashes of genius.  It's tough to see how he'll get better on a game by game basis -- right now, his competition simply doesn't offer enough of a challenge.  It makes me wonder if Andrew Wiggins was also like this in high school.

  • From Wikipedia, that noted home of facts and accuracy, shocking news that I believe:  The Atlanta Braves are an older franchise than the Cincinnati Reds.  Whoa.
  • This might sound weird, but the 2014 Major League Baseball season is starting this weekend.
  • I don't know if I completely agree with Richard Justice, but this is still a darn fun column.  (I love baseball, but I've also seen plenty of slow baseball games.  I bet you have, too.  We just haven't had the opportunity to complain to John Schuerholz about it.  A huge contributing factor:  lack of pitcher command/nibbling, leading to an excessive amount of pitches per batter.)


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