Know Your Midwest League Mascots!

When in doubt, roll with these guys.
You know Big Lug is a Lugnut.  You'll see Michigan State's Sparty on April 3rd at the Crosstown Showdown, presented by Auto-Owners Insurance.  But can you name the hometowns of these other Midwest League mascots?
1.  Fang (bats/throws:  "Umm... not so well").
Often seen with Whiffer, who was found during 2013 stadium renovations.
2.  Crash (favorite food:  "pork chop sandwiches").
Often seen with Franky the Swimming Pig. I hope that doesn't get awkward at lunch time.
3.  Gem (favorite quote:  "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful").
Often seen with Heater and, more rarely, the lovable Wink.
4.  Rascal (favorite sport excluding baseball:  "There are sports other than baseball?!?!").
6.  Skipper (job if not baseball: "A movie star on Sesame Street").
7.  Louie ("baseball playing career shortened by a freak splinter accident").
8.  Lou E.  (The E stands for "Entertainment.")
9.  Swoop (fear: "public speaking").
10.  Ozzie (no bio could be found, but has his own Reading Club and Scholars and 5K).
11.  Johnny (dislikes:  "loggers, worms, and the off-season").
Loggers?  Then I guess this face must be Johnny's nightmare.
13.  Axle (lives in a cave, "the identity of which must be keep secret").
Often seen with Roscoe the Grease Monkey.
14.  Buzz (like Ozzie, has his own reading club).
15.  Snappy D. Turtle (favorite TV show:  is there any doubt?)
Click the links, check your answer, and check your score:
0-5 correct:  San Francisco Crab attack
6-10 correct:  Big Red fist-bump
11-15 correct:  Sparty party


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