Hail, and farewell!

Farewell to Psych, one of my favorite TV shows -- favourite, for you awesome Canadian readers -- which signed off the airwaves last night with one of the funniest episodes of the show's run, including a remarkable, rollicking final segment.  No disappointing Dexter or Seinfeld finale here.  If you see it, you'll know exactly what I mean.  ("We Bought a Zoo lied!")  Pineapples for everyone.
If you don't, well then, continue on and don't worry yourself...
It is hailing right now in Lansing.  I'm not complaining.  It's best to get this weather out of the way now because...
Also, the Lugnuts are looking for a Bat Girl / Bat Boy.  Here's the necessary info:
JOB SUMMARY: Bat Boys and Girls will assist with pre and post-game setup of balls and equipment, supplying and retrieving balls, bats and equipment during a game or practice, and providing ice,  drinks, towels, etc. to managers, coaches, trainers, players and umpires during a game or practice.  They are also responsible for returning or storing balls, bats and equipment in the dugout or  clubhouse after a game or practice, other cleaning duties such as sweeping dugouts every night  after the game, and taking out trash bags from the dugout and placing them in the compactor.
Bat Boys and Girls must be at least 16 years of age.

Apply to Josh Calver via jcalver at lansinglugnuts.com.
Behold:  The MLB instant replay HQ!
Source: Yahoo Sports. (Not Batman, or a James Bond villain).
Yahoo's Jeff Passan not only toured the area, he explains how it all should work.  I expect there'll be some kinks early, but they'll be getting everything right by 2024.
I'm working on finishing up the Lugnuts' 2014 Media Guide right now, with it likely going to the printers next week.  The last thing that will need to get done:  placing the Opening Day roster in the team bios section.  (The soundtrack to my work, keeping me humming - and laughing:  John Mulaney and Anthony Jeselnik.)
Speaking of laughing, here's good ol' Nick Young, thinking he's knocked in a jumper:
Happy Thursday to you and yours!


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