Shifts, logos, and cold, cold Midwest League weather

Tomorrow, barring poor weather, I fly down to Dunedin for Blue Jays Spring Training.  (I won't be gone long, just enough to check out the Jays' games on Friday and Saturday and hopefully drop in on the minor league complex.)
It was fun to see five former Lugnuts making an impression on Toronto's game yesterday against Philadelphia:  RF Moises Sierra hit 4th, DH A.J. Jimenez hit 7th, CF Kevin Pillar hit 8th, 2B Ryan Goins hit 9th, and Kenny Wilson entered late as a substitute for Melky Cabrera.  All five reached base, with Sierra and Goins each knocking two hits and Pillar lining an RBI single against Phillies starter Cliff Lee.
*  The Washington Nationals placed their right fielder in the infield in the eighth inning against Atlanta.  (The shift didn't work; Philip Gosselin tripled to center.  Still:  awesome.)
*  Great Lakes Loons broadcaster Jared Sandler tours you through hidden letters, symbols, and images in sports logos.  My favorite comes from the Tour de France.
*  Possible future Lugnuts starter Chase DeJong is profiled by the Toronto Observer.  Key quote:  
"His goal in spring training in Dunedin this year is to make the Single A Lansing Lugnuts starting rotation. De Jong said he’s excited about playing in a climate he’s not used to.  'It will be interesting to pitch in the cold weather,' he said. 'Being from Southern California I’ve never really had to pitch in sub-50 degree [Fahrenheit] weather.

'Supposedly it’s going to be in the 20s and 30s. It’ll be an experience but, hey, I’ve got sleeves and leggings so bring it on.' "

Bring it on, indeed.


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