Have I got a shirt for you!

Toronto Observer ballplayer profiles from Spring Training, from former Lugnuts...
*  2012 lefty Tyler Ybarra, who became a father in the offseason
*  2009, 2011 lefty Johnny Anderson, fully recovered from two Tommy Johns
*  2010-2013 infielder Gustavo Pierre, who put it all together last year

... to future Lugnuts:
*  lefty Zak Wasilewski, ready to improve (a likely Lug either this year or next year)
*  outfielder J.D. Davis finds inspiration (probably a 2015 Lugnut)
*  righty Miguel Castro, MVP of the DSL Blue Jays (likely to reach the Lugs in 2015 or 2016)
*  Rowdy Tellez, young slugger (likely bound for Lansing in 2015 or 2016)
Away from baseball, I had the pleasure of calling the Laingsburg/Carson City-Crystal 2nd round playoff game for Big Country 92.1 last night, starring an unlikely hero.
At the office, I've finished up the cover story for the 2014 Lugnuts team magazine.  This afternoon, I'm flying down to Dunedin to enjoy a little bit of Grapefruit League action tomorrow and Saturday.
Meanwhile, my marketing bosses Jeremy and Ben are preparing for Hump Day this year at the ballpark.  May I suggest a Hump Day t-shirt for you and yours?


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