Check the bulletin board

Anticipation is rising in Lansing, as it is across the country's full-season minor league sites:  A time is coming soon, perhaps today, when every team learns its 2014 Opening Day roster.  (For a few teams, that time arrived Wednesday.)  With us, we'll receive an email from the Blue Jays and leap into action -- putting forth an Opening Day roster and press release, creating game notes and player bios, and preparing for the team's arrival at the start of next week.  I am living on the verge of utter busyness.
That's our side.
The other side is the player's side.  They've been waking up early in massed conditions, drilling for hours upon days upon weeks, all under the heavy watch of coaches and rovers and executives.  They are side by side with their greatest competition, applying pressure to every pitch, let alone every at-bat.  Some players will be rewarded with a promotion to the next level, perhaps even skipping a level; some will be kept at the same level they played last year; and some will be released.  The writing is literally on the wall.
Meet the Team is next Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.  The Crosstown Showdown, presented by Auto-Owners Insurance, is on Thursday at 7:05 p.m.  The home opener is on Tuesday the 8th.
Here we go.


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