About that BCS Championship...

There were some terrific bowl games this year.  This, the last game, the most important game, was not one of them.

It was garbage.


This was the baseball equivalent of two terrible teams, one trying to bunt their way on base and the other one with the bat on its shoulder, trying to draw walks.  One of them has to win.  Fans lose.

If you didn't watch -- and I envy you if you didn't, because you're a wiser person than I am:

LSU punted.  Alabama drove down and kicked a field goal.  LSU punted.  Alabama missed a field goal.  LSU punted.  Alabama kicked a field goal.  Rinse, repeat, add in a meaningless late touchdown with a missed extra point, just to remind us how bad this game was.

Late-night host J.T. the Brick was on target:  The vaunted SEC can't play offense.

Tigers quarterback Jordan Jefferson was a mess, botching the option, dropping the snap, flipping one pass directly at a Bama linebacker.  The Crimson Tide played offense fine, until they got anywhere near the end zone.  Then they sent out the field goal unit again.

On the bright side, it was so bad, that the group of friends I was watching the game with turned it into a roast.  You had to laugh to keep from groaning.

Although we really should have just turned the channel.

Good riddance to you, SEC.


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