Broadcaster Nightmares

I suppose everyone in their passions and lines of work will have nightmares about things going wrong.

This is true, these are all nightmares I experience.  (One of them came about last night and inspired this post.)  They terrify me, and also make me feel so glad that I don't have, say, police officer nightmares or firefighter nightmares or military personnel nightmares or astronaut nightmares or zookeeper nightmares or hot air balloon operator nightmares.

*  I meet the new team for 2012... but I can't pronounce their names!  Oh no!

*  It's time to broadcast the game... but none of my equipment is set up!  Oh no!

*  I begin broadcasting... but I don't know who anyone is!  Oh no!

*  I arrive at the ballpark... but the game is already in the fourth inning!  Oh no!

*  We're in a rain delay for hours and hours... but they won't call the game!  Oh no!

*  I don't have a voice!  Oh no!

Okay, truth be told, I've never had a nightmare yet about not having a voice.  Being in a plane crash, sure, but never not having a voice.  Maybe if I had a better voice, I'd worry more?  Heck, if I had a better voice, I'd be a movie preview narrator or an audio book reader.

Ah, but that's the subject of a different post:  "Broadcaster Dreams."

(The #1 broadcaster's dream, always, is to be a professional athlete for the sport we cover.  We all peaked too soon.)


Tom Gauthier said…
Many nights I have the same equipment dreams as a broadcaster. Terrifying.

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