The Iowa Caucus is stupid

That's my opinion.


The sports scene yesterday was remarkable.

I know that the various talking heads on sports talk radio, whether on ESPN, Fox Sports or Yahoo, are considering the top news of the weekend to be the NFL axings of the Polians in Indianapolis (Tony Kornheiser's #1 story) or firings of various coaches in Miami, St. Louis and Tampa Bay (Dan Patrick's poll question).

Those don't rank anywhere for me.

Yesterday featured a tripleheader of magnificent college bowl games.  Michigan State vs. Georgia was fantastic.  Wisconsin vs. Oregon was awesome.  Oklahoma State vs. Stanford was the icing on the cake.

Unfortunately, none of them matter all that much.  MSU's win doesn't distract from the Big 10(ish)'s various failures.  Oregon's triumph merely cemented them as a fine bridesmaid.  Oklahoma State and Stanford was a battle for #3 in the polls and a showcase for Justin Blackmon and Andrew Luck's draft status.  (I'd take 'em both.)

The second best sports story of the weekend was the Cowboys/Giants play-in game on Sunday night, though that was more of a story for what it meant rather than the sort of game it was.  It was a bad game. For all of their fans, Dallas sure doesn't earn their allegiance too well.  Overhyped, overcovered, and their season's over early, again.

Hey, look, football's bad right now, whatever the reason.  There's virtually no defense in the college game -- except for LSU and Alabama, neither of whom has a quarterback.  In the NFL, the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans are playoff teams, and they're terrible.  The Bengals aren't too much better.

But hockey!

Hockey's great right now.

Did you see the Winter Classic between the Rangers and Flyers?  Marvelous.  Citizens Bank Park looked great.  The atmosphere was awesome.  Philadelphia took the two-goal lead, but New York swooped right back with three straight.  There was a penalty shot with under 20 seconds to go, and King Henrik stoned Danny Briere.

The Winter Classic was everything I love about sports.


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