This sounds like a brilliant idea...

The Reading Phillies have an interesting notion for the Eastern League Home Run Derby this year.

While the derby's going on, there will be...

* a fanfest in the infield, with a bar at second base
* a Grammy-winner performing live music in front of home plate
* mascots making catches in the outfield, causing negative points to the home run hitters
* pink flamingos, an employee poised in a dunk tank, an employee suspended from a crane and a trampoline in the outfield

This is serious.  Okay, maybe it's not serious, but they're totally going to do it.

I love, too, how the R-Phils' GM is so enthusiastic in this video about the "balls sizzling over the head" of fans and a Grammy-winner.

Maybe if they cut back on the chaos just a little, or maybe a lot, there'd be no problem.  As it is, I'm thinking there's enormous train wreck potential here.

(On the bright side, the bar has been raised.  Your move, every other minor league home run derby.)

credit to Crossing Broad


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