Barry Larkin and Tim Tebow

I was more or less ambivalent toward Reds shortstop Barry Larkin while he played.  I was a fan of Alan Trammell and the Detroit Tigers, and I was completely disinterested in the doings of the Cincinnati nine (except for their wonderful upset of the A's in 1990).

Barry Larkin was, though, the favorite player of my best friend, Kevin, and so I proudly presented him with all of my Larkin baseball cards for his birthday one year.

Today the Reds great was the only player voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame by the BBWAA.

I can disagree that there were no other worthy candidates.  I cannot disagree that Larkin's deserving of the honor.  He was the best N.L. shortstop of his era, a perennial All-Star, and one of the greatest shortstops in the history of the game.  Even better, he did this all in his hometown in front of all of his friends and family.

Barry Larkin earned his place in Cooperstown.

(Now about my boy Tram...)


I am a proud Tim Tebow hater.  I'm fundamentally biased against evangelicals, same as I'm prejudiced against fundamentalists in every faith, including my own.  I don't like people or teams who are yammered about constantly on ESPN and other sports forums.  And I don't like players who are given all of the credit while their teammates and coaches are ignored.

None of this is Tebow's fault; he was brought up to have the faith he has, he's a modest altruistic hard-working fellow, and a great deal of the rigmarole surrounding him has snowballed way beyond he could ever imagine.  He conducts himself terrifically wherever he goes.  Oh, and he keeps on winning big games when the spotlight's on him.

On Sunday, in his first career playoff game, the Steelers dared Tim Tebow to throw the ball and beat them himself.  He did.  He earned the win, knocking the defending AFC champs from the playoffs.

Victories and honors should be earned, not merely given.  Barry Larkin and Tim Tebow deserve all of the kudos and acclamation they're receiving.

(Hear what I'm saying, Blue Ivy Carter?  You have to earn it, girl.)

For both Barry and Tim, there are even better days ahead.


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