ACC Football is Abysmal

Here's how the ACC teams performed this year in the bowl games:
(I've bolded the games the ACC won)

There you go.  A 3-4 record for the ACC.  Two solid wins (FSU, VaTech), two defensive demolitions by Big Ten squads, one rout by a Pac-10 team, one last-second loss against a Big East school, and one dramatic win against an SEC outfit.

Color me unimpressed.

You know what the ACC's record in BCS games is?

Two wins in 12 games.  Embarrassing.

The SEC is 13-5, the Pac-10 is 9-5, the Big East is 6-6, the Big Ten is 10-11, and the Big 12 is 7-9.  Oh, and the Mountain West and the WAC each have two wins, same as the ACC -- except they each have only one loss.

Thank goodness it's college basketball season now, right?


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