Guns, the NBA, and the DC Beltway

With speculation out there that Gilbert Arenas will be suspended for the season (an idea endorsed by ESPN's Jemele Hill), Tony Kornheiser asked on his radio show today how Arenas's situation compares to the pre-season incident with the Cleveland Cavaliers' Delonte West.

Arenas brought three unloaded guns into the Washington Wizards' locker room at MCI Center.

West was pulled over for speeding on the Beltway and was discovered to have two loaded handguns and a loaded shotgun.

There is a key distinction between the two:  Arenas's transgression occurred in his workplace.  I'm sure this has colored a great many opinions in this matter.

Still, there's no rational reason that Gilbert Arenas should receive a major punishment while Delonte West gets off scot-free, and that's the direction it looks like we're heading.


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