Yes, THAT Skylar McBee

The best game yesterday in sports may have been the Arizona/Green Bay classic.

But, hey, it draws my attention when a top-15 college basketball team tosses its best player off the team (for the impressive grand slam combination of speeding, marijuana, a handgun with an altered serial number, and an open container of alcohol) and indefinitely suspends three other key players just before they host the top-ranked team in the country on national television...

...which they then win.  Tennessee 74, Kansas 68.

The key shot came from whimsically-named walk-on Skylar McBee, stepping off the page of a Dr. Seuss book to drop in a crucial, buzzer-beating, off-balance, three-point heave in the final minute.

Read this from ESPN's Brian Bennett and understand how extraordinary an achievement this was for Tennessee yesterday, beating the star-studded Jayhawks with six scholarship players and three walk-ons.


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