It's the Colts, Right?

If you're someone who dislikes the Colts, well, this is a year to really dislike them.  Their path to the Super Bowl just looks too easy, doesn't it?  It's like all of the big powerhouses in the AFC decided to get out of the way, clearing the Colts' path.

You want a champion to earn it, to persevere and show their grit.

Then you have the Colts, a team began the season 14-0, and then packed it in the final one-and-a-half games against the Jets and the Bills.

I swear I've seen this happen in tennis before:  the favorite seed breeze his way through while all of the other guys beat up on one another, leaving tired underdogs to face the favorite at the very end.

The all-defense, all-running, no-throwing Ravens posed no challenge to Indianapolis this weekend, so what makes us think that the all-defense, all-running, no-throwing Jets will do any better?  Heck, the Jets are basically the Baby Ravens, using the same defensive scheme and the same conservative offense.

The Super Bowl comes next, two weeks later, in which the Colts will get to face either the Saints or the Vikings.

But, hey, at least those teams will be better than the 2006 Chicago Bears.


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