Bold NFL Playoff Opposite Forecasts

This past weekend, most everything that NFL 'analysts' and 'experts' believed would happen... didn't happen by a long short.  For example, I enjoy Bill Simmons, but he'd prefer that you forgot all about his first round picks.

The Jets would get put in their place by the Bengals... nope.
The Packers would easily defeat the Cardinals... not even close.
The Eagles would play the Cowboys tough... didn't happen.
The Patriots would take care of the Ravens to set up a Colts rematch... no, sir.

With this in mind, let's take on this coming weekend's games:

Dallas at Minnesota
popular opinion:  Dallas' defense is going to lock down the Vikings.
opposite forecast:  The Cowboys defense will be carved up by Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson.

** Winner:  Minnesota **
** Loser:  all of us fans who hate when announcers gush about Brett Favre **

Arizona at New Orleans
popular opinion:  Kurt Warner is unstoppable, the most lethal offensive player in the playoffs and a certain Hall of Famer.
opposite forecast:  The New Orleans defense will make the afternoon miserable for Warner, frustrating him, knocking him down, sacking him, and maybe even forcing a few turnovers.

** Winner:  Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams **
** Loser:  a very bruised Kurt Warner **

Baltimore at Indianapolis
popular opinion:  There really doesn't seem to be much popular opinion about this game yet.  Maybe nobody cares.
opposite forecast:  Best game of the weekend.

** Winner:  The Fans **
** Loser:  one of these teams, unfortunately **

NY Jets at San Diego
popular opinion:  Rex Ryan's right.  The red-hot Jets really do run the football better than everyone else and play better defense than everyone else.  Watch out, baby!  J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!
opposite forecast:  It's not going to be close.

** Winner:  The Chargers' wide receivers who don't get covered by Darrelle Revis **
** Loser:  Rex Ryan's ego **


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