Waiting for the Minority Opinion

Today, Hall of Fame catcher Carlton Fisk joined the growing group of people lining up to take shots at Mark McGwire.  This followed on the heels of critical comments from Jack Clark, Mike Schmidt, Jose Canseco, and a litany of sportswriters.  (UPDATE:  Ferguson Jenkins now, too.)

Here's who's defending McGwire:

His former manager, Tony LaRussa.
His former manager's friend, Bob Knight
His former teammate, Albert Pujols.
Sportswriter Joe Posnanski.

Aside from the respected, talented Posnanski, that's not a convincing list.  In fact, none of this is really news so far.  Mark McGwire's former manager and former teammate are defending him?  Baseball players who didn't take steroids are upset at him?

So what?

A Republican winning a Senate seat in Massachusetts.  That's news.
The Jets upsetting the Chargers despite a terrible quarterback.  That's news.
Youngsters re-enacting MTV's Jersey Shore.  That's hilarious.

Wake me up when McGwire's friends start rationally criticizing him, or when some Hall of Famers put together a cogent case for why McGwire belongs in Cooperstown.

For now, I'm sleeping on this story.


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