There are going to be days (though hopefully not weeks) in which the hours zip by and I won't be able to take a breath and post something here.

Today is not one of those days.

With the Final Four failing to capture my interest, I've been surfing all over the place, looking up various info about the 2012 Lugnuts.  Case in point, from Gregor Chisholm's MLB Blog, we learn who received the 2011 Blue Jays awards.


*  Lugnuts pitching coach Vince Horsman was honored for his 15th year with the organization.

*  Left fielder Marcus Knecht was named Lansing's 2011 Quality At-Bat Champion.  Jon Berti, a member of the 2012 Lugnuts roster, was named Vancouver's 2011 Quality AB Champion.

*  Markus Brisker was named the Blue Jays' 2011 Double Play Buster Champion for his work with the Lugnuts.  Markus will be back with Lansing in 2012.

*  The R. Howard Webster Award (for team MVP) went to the 2011 Lugnuts' Jake Marisnick, and deservedly so.  Vancouver's team MVP was Justin Nicolino; Bluefield's went to Chris Hawkins; and the Gulf Coast Blue Jays honored Jorge (Chino Vega) Vega-Rosado.  All three will play with the Lugnuts this season.

*  Casey Lawrence won the Lugnuts' 2011 Pitching Award.  Nicolino won Vancouver's Pitching Award and Tyler Ybarra won Bluefield's Pitching Award.  Ybarra will also start 2012 with Lansing.


Let me also add that you can have a look at's Top 20 Blue Jays prospects, which includes such 2012 Lugs as Noah Syndergaard (#4), Justin Nicolino (#6), Aaron Sanchez (#8), Carlos Perez (9), Chris Hawkins (#13) and Kellen Sweeney (#20).


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