Baseball Lingo: "dump-truckin' "

Coined by Travis Snider and collected by John Lott, allow me to present you "dump-truckin' " (verb).

Definition:  Moving around the bases as fast as a catcher's legs can carry him.


In the Jays’ 8-5 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday, Snider had a double, a single and three RBIs. He also stole third base.

And he threw out former teammate Rod Barajas at second. Two speedy Pirates were running ahead of the lead-footed Barajas, so Snider knew where his priority lay.

Afterward, he also knew how to spice up his clichés.

"I knew Rod was going to be dump-truckin’ around first base, so I was able to back-door him and catch him sleeping a little bit," Snider said.


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