In Like a Lion

Today is March 1st.  I don't care what the Michigan climate here decides.  February's over, it's March now, and we're well on our way toward Spring.

Reading material for you... Here's my newest article for The Good Point, arguing why this is the best time of year to talk prospects.  There's also this MLive article about our Job Fair this past Saturday.

We're all working hard here at the stadium to prepare for the season.

Case in point:

Big Lug's out touring the town with the awesome Lauren. 
*  I'm working on pieces for the 2012 Lugnuts team magazine, interviewing Chef Brett, Baseball America's Nathan Rode and the esteemed John Sickels.
*  The diligent sales and sponsorship departments are keyed in and doing great things.
*  And Matty's back in Nuts & Bolts, which thrills all of us to no end.

We cannot wait to see what's new in the store this year.

There are seriously good times afoot in downtown Lansing right now.


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