Meet... Chris Arth

Meet Your Lansing Lugnuts Front Office Member, Day Ten.

Chris Arth
Group Sales Representative

  4th Season

Education:  Graduated from Providence College in 2007; History and Political Science Major, Art History Minor.  Graduated from Indiana University in 2008 with a Masters in Athletic Administration.

Position: Group Sales Representative.  I spend my time contacting churches, schools, MSU, clubs and associations, and other non-profit groups to host their summer outings here.  I work with groups from all over the Lower Peninsula, so it is great meeting people from outside of mid-Michigan.  My largest group is the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Council which brought out 1,400 scouts for a fun sleepover event.  This is my busiest night here at Cooley Law School stadium since I have to coordinate a pre-game parade as well as a sleepover and movie on the field, as well as breakfast the following morning.  I always spend the night at the park for this event with a few of my co-workers, and it is always interesting sleeping on a suite couch!

Favorite Teams:  I was born and raised in Falmouth, Massachusetts, which is on the Southeastern tip of Cape Cod.  No, I do not drop my “r’s,” and, no, I can’t pahk my cah in hahvad yahd.  I grew up watching the Sox, the B’s, the Celts and the Pats as well as Cape Cod Baseball League teams over the summer and I have seen stars such as Jacoby Ellsbury, Tim Lincecum and Dustin Pedroia while they were still in college.  I will always root for my Providence College Friars as well as any Hockey East or Big East team.

Interesting facts:  I like to give awkward hugs to people I meet.  I am deathly afraid of lobsters but I like to eat them.  I am obsessed with penguins and giraffes.  My favorite food is a hot dog.  I have never been to a Pacers or Lions game.  Everybody calls me Arth or Arthy.

Go Nuts!


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