Meet... Andrew Creswell

Meet Your Lansing Lugnuts Front Office Member, Day Nine.

Andrew Creswell
Concessions Manager
Season:  4th Season

Position:  I am entering my 4th season with the Lansing Lugnuts, my 1st season as a full time employee of The Lansing Lugnuts and PSC team! As the concessions manager, my job is to assist our Director of F & B as we prepare for games and events. During games it is my responsibility to make sure all concessions operations are running smoothly and we are providing our guests with positively outrageous customer service! I am very excited about all the new things we have going on in concessions this year and I am eager to see what this 2012 season has in store for us.

Working My Way Up: In my first season with the Lugnuts, I was hired in as the Pantry supervisor. In that position I ran the game day operation of the suite level. In my second and third seasons, I was the Catering Supervisor. This position was similar to my first position, but in addition to running the suite level, I also ran our picnic venues and catering events. During these three seasons I was able to learn a great deal about the food operation, not only in my catering department, but also in the kitchen and concessions areas. By gaining experience over those three seasons, I was fortunate enough to obtain the position as concessions manager this season and step into a larger role. I am excited about this new adventure and eager to see what the future has in store for me! 

Favorite Teams: Detroit Tigers, Michigan Wolverines, and definitely the Lansing Lugnuts!

A Little More About Myself: In my spare time I enjoy playing golf, fishing, and anything that involves being outdoors. In my past I was involved in the entertainment business as karaoke DJ and a Billy Joel tribute artist. Although I am not in that business anymore, I still really enjoy music, singing and entertaining people. I also enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I love all kinds of food and really enjoy cooking different foods and putting my own twist on the recipes. I like cooking because I learn something every time I cook and it expands my culinary knowledge and experience. I am also a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Training course and I have stayed actively involved as a five-time graduate assistant. From that class, I learned great communication skills, techniques to use when dealing with stress, and how to keep a positive attitude and enjoy life!

Go Nuts!


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