Meet... Ben Owen

Meet Your Lansing Lugnuts Front Office Member, Day Eleven.

Ben Owen
Production Assistant

  1st Season

Position: This is my first season with the Lansing Lugnuts. On non-gamedays, I work with the marketing staff and assist with promotions. I also will be the person who makes some of the in game videos that play on the scoreboard. During games, I will be helping put videos up on the scoreboard, capture and play replays. I’m very excited for this season to start; this is my first job coming out of college and I’m learning a ton.

Education:  Michigan State University Grad ’12, Media Arts and Technology

Following My Passions:  I figured out in high school that I wanted to go into video. In the beginning I felt like I wanted to go to Hollywood and make big movies.  However, I soon found this to be a career path that I didn’t like. Away from video, my biggest passion is sports. I began working with Big Ten Network Student U while in college, which allowed me to gain experience in broadcasting live sports. I was even lucky enough to assist and observe several ESPN and Big Ten Network productions.      

Favorite Teams:  I’m obviously a huge Michigan State fan. My family is from Ohio so I’ve been raised to be a Cleveland Indians fan.  Living in Michigan, I have a growing rooting interest in the Tigers.

A Little More About Me:  In my spare time, I often find myself looking for video projects to shoot and edit.  I'm often coming up with ideas for short films, or, if my brain isn’t working, I head outside and take pictures. I really enjoy photography, especially sports photography. I also love spending time with my family. Whenever they are in the Lansing area, I enjoy showing them around letting them see what the my home for the last four years has to offer. In addition to my  family, I have a group of great friends that keep me entertained at all times and are always there for me. I enjoy cooking. During my time at MSU I have developed a few dishes that I enjoy making, and I’m always trying to come up with more. All in all, I’m pretty simple. I love sports, video, and people. I’m extremely excited to be in the position that I’m in and am very excited for this upcoming season.

Go Nuts!


Anonymous said…
Nice to meet you, Ben! Enjoy the season.

Go Nuts!
Anonymous said…
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Bob O said…
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Keith & Gloria said…
Congratulations Ben...Your Grandma Carole keeps us posted on what you are doing..We are not exactly MSU fans:) But we watch BB & Football on TV..I have been a Duke fan for years..We won't talk about their BB season:( Keep up the good work-glad your Dad sent us the info...
Keith & Gloria Miller

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