Meet... Adam Wood

Meet Your Lansing Lugnuts Front Office Member, Day Seven.

Adam Wood
Group Sales Representative
Season:  8nd

Position:  Group Sales Representative.  I spend most of my time reaching out to schools, churches, youth baseball organizations and other various groups across Mid-Michigan to organize their events here at Cooley Law School Stadium.  These groups can be as small as 20 people or as large as 2,000+, but every single one has different ins and outs.  My two biggest events are for the Boy Scouts and Knights of Columbus (August 17th is going to be a busy day for me…both the Boy Scout Camporee and KofC Night fall on that night!).  Outside of that, I have a couple new exciting events on the horizon this season, but I’m most looking forward to “4-H Science Day with the Lugnuts”, a brand new event coming up this July.

Education:  Bachelor’s of Arts from the University of Michigan - School of Kinesiology

Favorite Teams:  Obviously, I’m a huge U of M fan in every sport, but I’m most passionate about the football, men’s basketball, hockey, and women’s basketball programs.  I worked with the Women’s basketball program for a good chunk of my time as an undergrad, so I was very proud of them last Monday when they made the “Big Dance” for the first time in 11 years.  Outside of that, I grew up outside of Chicago, so I’ve also been rooting for the Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, and Bulls for as long as I can remember.

Fun Facts:
  • If you ever find yourself in our offices for a few minutes, I doubt you would actually here someone call me Adam.  You’re much more likely to hear “Woody”, or some other variation of my last name.  Not surprisingly, I have had a ton of nicknames over the years…

  • Outside of the office, I spend a lot of time going to sporting events, concerts, and other events around Ann Arbor.  Everyone jokes about how often I’m running all over the state doing little trips.  For example, two weeks ago I was in Indianapolis for the B1G Women’s Basketball Tournament, last weekend I was in Grand Rapids for a concert, and this weekend I’ll be in Detroit at the CCHA Championship game (all while making a trip or two to Ann Arbor for trivia night!)...I like to stay busy.

  • But the most exciting news I have had lately is I just got engaged to my girlfriend, Sara, last weekend while we were in Grand Rapids.  It has been incredible how excited friends, family, and coworkers have been for us and we are really looking forward to everything that goes along with being engaged.

Go Nuts!


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