A different guess at the 2012 Lugnuts

Here are MLBDepthCharts' projected rosters for the Lugnuts and the Dunedin Blue Jays.

I remain convinced that we'll see Aaron Sanchez here in Lansing, and it seems funny to me to have Dickie Joe Thon starting at shortstop and both Gustavo Pierre and Peter Mooney sitting on the bench, but it otherwise looks just fine.


Congratulations to Keaton Gillogly, the Lugnuts #2 broadcaster for the 2012 season.  Keaton accepted the position last Friday, beating out some worthy competition for the seat at the microphone.


Drew Hutchison (2010-2011 Lug) was supposed to start today for Toronto, back in his hometown of Lakeland against the Detroit Tigers and Justin Verlander, but he was pushed back a day.

Instead, the start went to... Henderson Alvarez '09.

Hutch pitches tomorrow instead.


-  ESPN's Jayson Stark likes the Blue Jays' confidence,while Tim Kurkjian delivers observations from Jays camp (I love the story of Henderson Alvarez meeting hero Felix Hernandez for the first time).

-  Hey, look!  CBS Sports' Danny Knobler dropped by to see the Blue Jays (and write about Colby Rasmus), too; here are his likes (hint:  Drew Hutchison) and dislikes.

I'm glad I wasn't here.

Theo doesn't want his players to stay out late.  You know, hard-partying teams have been known to win a championship with pretty good players.  Just saying.

(Okay, I'm a hypocrite here.  I'm a stay-at-home sort during the season and I'll be encouraging the same from Keaton.  It's a long haul, and you need to pace yourself.  So, yes, I agree with Mr. Epstein... but I also think the players are adults and can make their own wise or unwise choices.  That's why I like Joe Maddon's reaction to the question of alcohol in the clubhouse.)


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