Reading material in the afternoon

Marketing Manager Lauren sends along an article about how the disgustingly wealthy are feeling the money crunch.  You'll read it and your mouth fall open... and maybe you'll laugh, or shake your head, or simply want to tear these folks a new one.  One of the three.

Then there's this piece from Ballpark Digest, detailing how Illinois politicians are threatening the sanctity of Thirsty Thursdays.  The horror!

Now, to two fairly major stories:

1)  I think what happened in UCLA is pretty par for the course, I'd say, and has been experienced by more than a few teams throughout the generations.  A coach brings in great, talented, immature recruits, and things don't go as well as in past years with more mature players.  It happens.  Sports Illustrated is hoping you care because the players involved wear storied jerseys, but... eh.  The older crowd, who cares far more about the Bruin tradition, will be far more outraged about this than the younger crowd.

It's really the same as the older crowd hoping boxing becomes relevant again or cheering for Notre Dame to return to form in college football.  It makes no difference to me if boxing rebounds or not.  Meanwhile, I don't care whether Notre Dame ever rebuilds their program to what it was, same as it won't bother me if Penn State never returns to form either.  I just want excellent quality somewhere on the sports landscape.  It makes no difference whether that quality comes from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, or Boise, Idaho.)

I'm certainly not of the opinion that, say, since the Oakland Athletics or Buffalo Bills were so dominant while I was growing up, I hope they'll become dominant again.  Nope.  Great teams come and great teams go.

The most important takeaway from the story is that UCLA is no different from anyone else.

2)  Ryan Braun won't miss any games.  I have no opinion.  I am not gleeful, nor am I outraged.  He tested positive, appealed, and won his appeal.  I respect the process.

Done and done.


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